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2020, october 16: operator radio, rotterdam (dj set) [flyer] [audio/video]

2020, august 14: operator radio, rotterdam (dj set) [flyer] [audio]

2020, april 23: live from the studio for kinky star, ghent, belgium [flyer] [video]

2020, march 30: live from the studio – dead calm and zero degrees release party [video]

2020, april 3: operator radio, rotterdam (dj set) [audio]

2020, january 16: the sound of young holland xii, groningen [flyer] [pictures] [audio]


2019, december 14: operator radio, rotterdam (dj set) [flyer] [audio] [video]

2019, october 26: operator radio, rotterdam (dj set) [flyer] [audio] [video]

2019, september 26: ot301, amsterdam (dj set) [flyer]

2019, august 13: red light radio, amsterdam (dj set) [audio] [video]

2019, july 17: extrapool x valkhof festival, kapel, nijmegen [flyer] [pictures] [audio]

2019, june 30: narrominded summer matinee, lolaland, blijburg amsterdam (with spoelstra, coen oscar polack, lucky goat, the union ares, garçon taupe, vergaarbak, apneu) [flyer] [pictures] [video]

2019, may 23: ot301, amsterdam (with void vision) [flyer] [pictures] [audio] [video 1] [video 2]

2019, april 12: sotu festival #8, occii, amsterdam [flyer] [timetable] [pictures] [audio]


2018, june 30: music for films, filmhallen, amsterdam (with glice) [flyer] [i amsterdam] [] [parool] [pictures] [audio]

2018, may 25: fridaynite, groningen (with sweat tongue, idiott smith) [flyer] [pictures] [audio]

2018, january 27: iffr, roodkapje, rotterdam (with glice) [pictures] [audio]


2017, december 15: fragment #2, winterwelvaart, groningen [flyer] [pictures] [video]

2017, november 4: popronde, stalles, rotterdam [flyer] [video]

2017, october 13: popronde, sounds, tilburg [press release] [flyer] [pictures] [review] [audio]

2017, september 14: popronde, demain, nijmegen [article] [flyer] [audio]

2017, march 12: 50 jaar velvet underground & nico, patronaat, haarlem (with severin bells all star band feat. the irrational library en peter ‘the legend’ stufkens, deutsche ashram, et explore me, the avonden, zimihc, those foreign kids, daniel roser, peter bruyn) [flyer] [pictures] [audio]

2017, march 11: club d’or, door, dordrecht (with glice | coen oscar polack, spoelstra) [pictures]

2017, january 7: van onderen, paradiso, amsterdam [newsletter] [flyer] [pictures] [video] [audio]


2016, november 17: narrominded impro session, pletterij, haarlem (with gijs borstlap, ruben braeken, roald van dillewijn, tijs ham, gerri jäger, coen oscar polack, spoelstra)  [flyer] [pictures] [audio]


2015, may 29: extrapool, nijmegen (with hallowed bells, twirly mist, dj fake) [flyer] [pictures]

2015, may 17: patronaat, haarlem (with agent side grinder, the treasure of grundo) [flyer]


2014, december 24: concerto, amsterdam (with dj oscar, ensor) [flyer] [pictures] [audio]

2014, november 14: narrominded night, db’s, utrecht (with coen oscar polack & herman wilken, droppingsformer descent, life savings, zeno van den broek, puin + hoop) [flyer] [pictures] [audio]

2014, november 14: double aa, qbus, leiden (with esben and the witch, zeevonk // [abram]) [flyer]

2014, november 1: museumnacht, huis marseille, amsterdam (with fetter) [pictures]

2014, september 26: mixtup live #8, the mixtup project, amsterdam (with oraclez) [flyer] [pictures] [audio]

2014, august 26: vera op noorderzon is.m. lepel concerts, groningen (with kinetophone, joost oomen revue) [flyer] [pictures]

2014, june 20: de nieuwe anita, amsterdam (with coen oscar polack & herman wilken, puin + hoop, zeno van den broek) [flyer] [audio]

2014, june 6: patronaat café, haarlem (with floris bates & the rented friendssweat tongue) [flyer] [pictures]

2014, may 23: lepel festival, oude suikerfabriek, groningen (with xiu xiu, space siren, nouveau vélo, homemade empire, my friend television) [flyer]

2014, may 17: cultuur?barbaar! festival, multiplex, leiden (with rooie waas, yespinkpink, the world of dust, dj miss world, dj incendiary) [flyer] [review] [audio]

2014, april 24 / may 5: radio resistencia, intergalatic fm [pictures] [audio]

2014, january 30: echokamer #14, mediamatic fabriek, amsterdam (with coen oscar polack & herman wilken) [pictures] [audio]

2014, january 25: de groote weiver, wormerveer (with udarnik) [flyer] [pictures]

2014, january 17: euromoney, de gym, groningen (with drvg cvltvre, stalkre, vakantiedj cuma 10000, dj duizend) [flyer] [pictures] [review] [audio]

2014, january 17: the sound of young holland iio’ceallaigh irish pub, groningen (with beginnersamber arcadesapneuthe exnouveau vélocairo liberation front) [flyer] [timetable] [pictures] [review1] [review2]

2014, january 8: ot301, amsterdam (with apneukatadreuffewolvon) [flyer] [pictures] [review] [audio]

2014, january 7: geertruida hq, haarlem (with chevalier avant garde) [flyer] [pictures] [audio]

2014, january 4: the age of aquariums presentation, de nieuwe anita, amsterdam (with vakantie) [pictures] [video]


2013, december 7:kinky star, ghent (belgium) (with spoelstranarrominded dj’s) [audio]

2013, november 9:indie indie, meneer malasch, amsterdam (with black marbleweekendravage! ravage! dj set) [flyer] [pictures] [audio]

2013, november 2: kulter and delicatessen present an evening at the church, sint-josephkerk (vluchtkerk), amsterdam (with raphael mazeseamus fogartyliberez) [flyer] [pictures] [audio]

2013, september 21: rundfunk #1, incubate, studio, tilburg [pictures] [reviews]

2013, august 30: heat lp release party, de nieuwe anita, amsterdam (with rooie waasplus instrumentsthe no (dj set) [audio] [pictures]

2013, may 10: sound of the underground, vondelbunker, amsterdam (with coen oscar polack & herman wilken, puin + hoop, machinist, spoelstra, life savings, fine china superbone) [flyer] [pictures]


2011, april 1: lamoer, bitterzoet, amsterdam (with franca treur, tim goditiabois) [flyer]


2010, december 24: christmas cover up presentation, paradiso, amsterdam (with specs hildebrand, jaap boots & de natte honden, roald van oosten & band, cloudmachine, we cook with fire, dj santajan) [flyer] [pictures] [videos]

2010, december 23: christmas cover up presentation, storing, haarlem (with spoelstra, cloudmachine, we cook with fire, dj oscar) [pictures]

2010, december 20: skg stad kunst guerilla ’78 – ’81 book presentation, paradiso, amsterdam (with the don’t touch my croque monsieurs) [pictures] [video]

2010, november 13: puin + hoop door release party, theater kikker, utrecht (with puin + hoop, beu, herman wilken, murw, spoelstra) [flyer] CANCELLED

2010, november 12: patronaat café, haarlem (with agent side grinder) CANCELLED

2010, august 27: narrominded 10 year anniversary tour, de nieuwe anita, amsterdam (with boutros bubba, fine china superbone, prof. russolo & his noise intoners) [flyer]

2010, july 3: narrominded 10 year anniversary tour, worm, rotterdam (with boutros bubba, coen oscar polack & miamia, garçon taupe, gone bald, hydrus, fine china superbone, hakki takki) [flyer] [video]

2010, june 19: disko resistencia, db’s, utrecht (with rude 66, lesbian mouseclicks, logosamphia, milligram retreat, peter quistgard) [flyer] [video]

2010, june 12: narrominded 10 year anniversary tour, bazart, den haag (with coen oscar polack, garçon taupe, hydrus, katadreuffe, spoelstra, albino cocks from hell, city hands, redtheplaneet) [flyer] [pictures]

2010, may 22: narrominded 10 year anniversay tour, tac, eindhoven (with coen oscar polack, garçon taupe, katadreuffe, puin + hoop, spoelstra, elchi, p&p, psiox) [flyer] [pictures]

2010, april 3: tegendraads festival, lvc, leiden [flyer]

2010, february 5: smart project space, amsterdam (with boutros bubbafine china superbone, hydrus, katadreuffe, puin + hoop) [flyer] [pictures] [video1] [video2]

2010, january 22: ethisch reveil, havenkwartier, deventer (with coen oscar polack, miamia) [flyer] [pictures] [video]


2009, december 18: pageturner’s centerfold, thermos sauna, amsterdam (with coen oscar polack, lester, we be naked, raaskalbomfukkerz, boris de jong & kornuiten) [flyer] [video]

2009, december 17: pageturner #12, cafe pakhuis wilhelmina, amsterdam (with the ik jan cremers, the jack stafford foundation, joshua baumgarten, kismet)

2009, december 3: these pictures of you, delicatessen, amsterdam (with boris de jong, case mayfield, coen oscar polack) [flyer]


2008, may 23: fantasio, amsterdam (with belch, coen oscar polack, garçon taupe, hakki takki, spoelstra, dj okee!) [flyer] [pictures]

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