video: red light radio – august 13 2019

00:00 cory kilduff – jericho’s opening (when it all gets to be too much, burning witches)
03:51 d.a.l.i. – too tuff to bluff (when haro met sally, burning witches)
06:19 blanck mass – chernobyl (a field in england soundtrack, invada)
10:24 klaus schulze – rhythm fugue (next of kin sundrack, the roundtable)
12:29 timothy fife – simulacra (polytechnich youth)
15:49 kayo konishi & yukio kondo – cradle (elfen lied soundtrack, tiger lab vinyl)
18:13 susumu hirasawa – earth (berserk soundtrack, tiger lab vinyl)
22:31 pekka airaksinen ‎– e (other power, harmonia)
28:20 john abercrombie – ethereggae (night, ecm records)
36:23 dream division – vultures prey (vulture, polytechnich youth)
40:36 hunter complex – crows zero (open sea, death waltz originals)
45:05 garçon taupe – the white spider (the white spider, gooiland elektro)
48:24 tangerine dream – das mädchen auf der treppe (schimanskis tatort hits, cbs)
52:10 michael hoenig ‎– when the lord gives me a sign (the blob soundtrack, one way static)
55:05 deuter – alchemy (cicada, kuckuck)
58:28 joe walsh – in the city (the warriors soundtrack, a&m records)

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