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compilation: all about her (a benefit compilation for hollow earth radio) (digital)


release date: 21 october 2023
format: digital
label: hollow earth radio

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compilation: mad wasp radio presents looking through the magic window (digital)

release date: 5 february 2021
format: digital
label: music is the devil


The Sea Without An Edge, by Hunter Complex, has some lovely layers of synth patches that create another worldly, ethereal ambience.’

‘A predictably glorious slab of weepy, widescreen electronica (…) his music always delivers.’
richard james foster


38 choice cuts of magical electronica from some of the most exciting talents on the scene.

The tracks represent what is played on the Magic Window radio show that airs on Mad Wasp Radio and is presented by Letters From Mouse.

The artists were all invited to contribute to the album which is being released in partnership with Music Is The Devil who are great friends to the show.

Mad Wasp Radio is an independent radio station with a wide range of shows for every musical taste. The station do not play adverts so rely on listener donations to operate. Operating a radio station that is full licensed is an expensive business so all money from sales of this album will go directly to the station. This is a thank you for giving independent artists and labels a platform to reach more listeners.

A huge thank you to the artists for getting involved and producing some amazing music, this is a stunning collection which we hope people will enjoy.

Thank you to James and the Music Is The Devil crew for partnering on this project, their support of the show and the station and for being a super cool label.


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compilation: fright night club – volume 12 (digital)


release date: october 25 2019
format: digital
label: fright night club


We are a group of musicians that have a strong passion for Autumn, Horror Movies, Halloween, and all things spooky!!!! This is a fun project we do annually in the spirit of the season.

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compilation: lodger doll three – a tribute to guided by voices and bee thousand (tape / digital)


release date: june 24 2019
format: tape / digital
label: almost halloween time records


Bee Thousand is turning 25 today and Almost Halloween Time Records is celebrating the anniversary with Lodger Doll Three. All 20 classics from the original album reinterpreted by 20 talented musicians and artists who are crazy about Guided by Voices.

Lodger Doll Three is out on cassette in a limited edition of 50 copies with hand drawn unique artworks where the protagonist is the same dark figure that wears a wizard hat that is present on the original cover of Bee Thousand.

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compilation: witchmix (tape)

release date: december 2018
format: tape
label: burning witches records


Limited edition cassette release distributed exclusively to subscribers of Burning Witches 2018 label subscription.


a1. deadly avenger – bmix
a2. hunter complex – june gloom (vocal version)
b1. alone in the woods – i never came up for air (hunter complex remix)

b2. burningtapes – silicon soul
b3. all of them witches – speaking in tongues
b4. harglow – virgin blood

compilation: dj food – death waltz originals (cd)


release date: october 2017
format: cd
label: death waltz originals


New and exclusive Hunter Complex track The Quiet on Death Waltz Originals mix cd, mixed by the legendary DJ Food. Ships with every Death Waltz / Mondo order, at Bleep.com with the excellent new Death Waltz T-shirt designed by We Buy Your Kids and available at all good record stores.

‘We also have an amazing hour-long mix CD of Death Waltz Originals titles by the incredible DJ Food that we will be sending out FREE with all music orders, from now until the stock runs out. We are also sending copies to our favorite record stores, too, if you prefer to purchase your vinyl in local stores.’
Mondo Music Weekly (October 23 2017)


Track starts at 23:38:

compilation: apneu – mixed feelings (tape / digital)

apneu-mixed-feelingsrelease date: may 3 2016
format: tape / digital
label: subroutine records


Hard Feelings remix album by Dutch band Apneu. Includes White Castle (Remix by Hunter Complex).

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compilation: various artists – christmas cover up (cd / digital)

various artists - christmas cover up outside frontrelease date: november 22 2010
format: cd / digital
label: sonic scenery


Compiled by Oscar Smit.

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compilation: various artists – kamp holland (2lp)

various artists - kamp holland outside frontrelease date: june 19 2010
format: 2lp
enfant terrible


Enfant Terrible was one of the first labels to give recognition and attention to the pioneers of minimal electronics / proto-elektro / avant-garde pop / experimental pop music from the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Next to that it is one of the few labels in this field of music that truly invests in the development of new talents in this music tradition. In short: Enfant Terrible has been mapping the field of this counter culture and contributing to its development since the very start of its activities.

But in this world of followers and copycats we have an agenda of our own. We go furthur and dare to move into new territories. Both when it comes to content and ways of organizing the business part we are at the forefront of independent music culture. We keep it real, stay ourselves and a hundred percent independent.

While Enfant Terrible for an important part has built the current niche of minimal electronics we also have always looked beyond rigid style definitions and established artists. All our compilation releases have been highly acclaimed for this.

The time is now… we go for the logical next step… supporting and contributing to the local music scene.

Kamp Holland is an overview of the current independent electronic music scene from Holland. Some of the artists on this compilation have been inspired by the music tradition we have been building. Others are inspiring Enfant Terrible in its current development. Always furthur we go…

This is the Royal Dutch Underground!

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