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bleep review: open sea


Lars Meijer drops his third LP as Hunter Complex a full six years after the last one. The Dutch electronics veteran and Narrowminded Records boss clearly took his time when making Open Sea, and the care he put into this record has paid off in spades. This is a dense album of synthwave and retro electronics. Going by track titles alone you would expect numbers like ‘Night City’, ‘We Fought For America’ and ‘The Heart Of High Places’ to sound like they’d been nicked from an 80’s action movie OST, and their clattering programmed drums and burbling basslines more than deliver on that promise. Italians Do It Better is an obvious comparison for Open Sea, though its home of Death Waltz Originals is just as fitting.

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compilation: dj food – death waltz originals (cd)


release date: october 2017
format: cd
label: death waltz originals


New and exclusive Hunter Complex track The Quiet on Death Waltz Originals mix cd, mixed by the legendary DJ Food. Ships with every Death Waltz / Mondo order, at Bleep.com with the excellent new Death Waltz T-shirt designed by We Buy Your Kids and available at all good record stores.

‘We also have an amazing hour-long mix CD of Death Waltz Originals titles by the incredible DJ Food that we will be sending out FREE with all music orders, from now until the stock runs out. We are also sending copies to our favorite record stores, too, if you prefer to purchase your vinyl in local stores.’
Mondo Music Weekly (October 23 2017)


Track starts at 23:38:

bleep review: heat

hunter complex - heat frontLars Meijer’s 2010 debut for Dutch indie label Narrominded showcased a new brand of synthpop, where radio-ready melodies are incorporated into cutting edge production. This sophomore album shows him even more comfortable with that format, dropping John Carpenter influenced keyboard noir (Serious Glass), analogue slabs with goth poetry lyrics (China Rain) and goose-bump guaranteeing synth arpeggios (Daylight).

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