compilation: lodger doll three – a tribute to guided by voices and bee thousand (tape / digital)


release date: june 24 2019
format: tape / digital
label: almost halloween time records


Bee Thousand is turning 25 today and Almost Halloween Time Records is celebrating the anniversary with Lodger Doll Three. All 20 classics from the original album reinterpreted by 20 talented musicians and artists who are crazy about Guided by Voices.

Lodger Doll Three is out on cassette in a limited edition of 50 copies with hand drawn unique artworks where the protagonist is the same dark figure that wears a wizard hat that is present on the original cover of Bee Thousand.


  1. hunter complex – hardcore ufo’s
  2. s.m. wolf – buzzards and dreadful crows
  3. wio – goldheart mountaintop queen directory
  4. the world of dust – hot freaks
  5. stars are insane – smothered in hugs
  6. smirkworthy – yours to keep
  7. caleb fraid – echos myron
  8. lovers turn to monsters – gold star for robot boy
  9. kiss hello – awful bliss
  10. restaurnaut – mincer ray
  11. the debts – queen of cans and jars
  12. ed nolbed – big fan of the pig pen
  13. graham repulski – her psychology today
  14. nutrition fun – ester’s day
  15. little whirls – demons are real
  16. spirit duplicator – peep-hole
  17. tondefekt – kicker of elves
  18. bob bucko jr – you’re not an airplane
  19. gg’s home appliance system – i am a scientist

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