mix: seasons change (vehlinggo mix 21 – august 2018) by timothy fife (featuring steel dynamics)


Esteemed musician Timothy Fife has put together an amazing Vehlinggo Mix for August, composed of mostly yet-to-be-released or just-released tracks from artists on fantastic labels such as Holodeck, Burning Witches, and Lunaris Records.

The mix, entitled Seasons Change, includes such artists as Daniel Davies, Die Hexen, Michael C. Sharp, Repeated Viewing, Samantha Glass, Omni Gardens, Deadly Avenger, and so many other talented souls. Check it out — embed and release information are below.

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1. timothy fife – autumno ingridi (unreleased)
2. missionary work – death has no season (soundtrack, unreleased, member of dust witch)
3. gabriel chicoine – brain forest (unreleased, member of dust witch)
4. repeated viewing – across the dunes (from the forthcoming release beach house, lunaris records)
5. thomas ragdale – harlow’s experiment (from the forthcoming album self zero, burning witches records)
6. burning tapes– black lake (from the forthcoming release black lake soundtrack, burning witches)
7. mickey dagger – watch for the sign (unreleased)
8. die hexen – mars (from the forthcoming album the garden of unearthly delights, burning witches)
9. michael c. sharp – waspwolves (from the forthcoming album end times in babylon)
10. deadly avenger – runaway (timothy fife remix, unreleased)
11. worriedaboutsatan – cloaking (from the forthcoming single who is a hunter, this is it forever)
12. hunter complex – steel dynamics (from the forthcoming album dead calm and zero degrees, burning witches)
13. xander harris – where’s your villain (from the album villains of romance, burning witches)
14. samantha glass – cruel anxiety (from the forthcoming album nine memories between impression and imprint, holodeck records)
15. harglow – red leather (from the forthcoming album harglow, burning witches)
16. daniel davies – xxt (from the forthcoming album events score, burning witches, lakeshore records)
17. sungod – wave refraction (from the forthcoming album wave refraction, holodeck)
18. timothy fife – abalos (unreleased)
19. omni gardens – thinking (from the forthcoming album west coast escapism, holodeck)

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