compilation: these pictures of you – a delicatessen compilation (book + cd-r / digital)

artwork: these pictures of you - a delicatessen compilation frontrelease date: january 16 2010
format: book + cd-r / digital
label: delicatessen


For four weeks in a row different music photographers showed their photos at Delicatessen. Each week different musicians and writers where invited to give their response to one or more of the photos shown in the gallery. They were not given a specific assignment, but kept free, or in the dark , whatever way you want to see it. A week after each opening they read and played their response in the gallery.


1.hunter complex – sunset smoke
2.motel aurora – the guardian mayfield – old man max
4.gerhardt heusinkveld – tigger doll
5.the jack stafford foundation – nick helderman
6.jacob arch – the gallery
7.dusty stray – the ballad of annie clark
8.coen oscar polack – surprise sometimes
9.zea – leuk maar kan het ook zonder mij
10.pfaff – james brown
11.vicky lovecat – all that matters
12.showdog – chasing down your soul

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