podcast: burning witches podcast vol 3 – hosted by aaron vehling


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00:00 intro
05:10 rory mohon-everything at half speed
07:29 alone in the woods-pathless
10:11 wolfmen of mars-judi
11:37 john hasty and michael brooker-the tradition
13:47 timothy fife-projection to a former life
15:06 all of them witches-the otherworld
18:07 die hexen-handswiththousandeyes
20:43 hunter complex-bitter cold
25:13 system syn-the last time we were here
28:12 dallas campbell-red shift z-7.54
30:10 burningtapes-leviathan
33:23 galactic protector-amuse bouche
35:09 brittany allen-the chase pt. 2
36:30 graham reznick-the score
40:52 kevin huffnagel and natasha kermani-shopkeeper’s story
43:00 antoni maiovvi-holly (part iv)
45:36 canter-cold trails
49:42 deadly avenger-legend of heavenly sphere
50:23 worriedaboutsatan-dig into your memory
54:30 repeated viewing-establishing contact with the dead
56:32 cory kilduff-16 seconds
1:00:56 mr eff-spring in central park
1:03:25 harglow-architecture for the night
1:05:05 hunter complex interview
1:50:07 outro

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