chain d.l.k. review: hunter complex

hunter complex - hunter complex outside frontHunter Complex is the project of Lars Meijer, guy already involved with Living Ornaments and Psychon and also one of the people who runs the Narrominded label. Hunter Complex is his debut album under this moniker and contains twelve songs that find their roots into 80s electronic / synthpop music. Lars’ songwriting recalled me the electronic wave of the last decade of 70s and the first of 80s when people like John Foxx, Paul Haig and Thomas Leer were producing their hits. If you’re questioning yourself if there is a reason why I picked up these three names, well for sure there is one: Lars, in my opinion, is looking for the right blend of electronic analog sounds and personal songwriting and for this reason we have intimate song like Chinese Restaurants and Fashion Street (with an upfront piano/organ duet that remind me of some Scritti Politti atmospheres), cold wave tunes like Here Is the Night (the last year Lars issued an E.P. with three mixes of the song, the original and the instrumental versions which is available as free download and as MCD) and Kerosine. If you love all the kind of 80s wave bands, from Human League to ABC passing from A Flock Of Seagulls, Ultravox, Dalis Car, etc, I suggest you to check Hunter Complex.

Maurizio Pustianaz

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