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complex distractions review: dead sea

‘The songs that make up these two 40-minute tracks would eventually go to create Hunter Complex’ masterful trilogy of Open Sea, Dead Calm and Zero Degrees, and Rain In Europe. That epic run of albums are explored here early in their creation, laid out in blistering live sets throughout The Netherlands. This is an intriguing exploration of the artist working out the art in real time. It’s a must for anyone that fell hard for Hunter Complex’ masterful music trilogy.’

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album: dead sea (digital)


release date: 18 june 2021
format: digital
label: burning witches records


Dead Sea is an 80-minute compilation of live tracks recorded at various locations in The Netherlands between 29 August 2013 and 14 September 2017. These tracks were later released on the albums Open Sea (Death Waltz Originals, 2019) and Dead Calm and Zero Degrees (Burning Witches Records, 2020) and the EP Rain in Europe (Burning Witches Records, 2020). Artwork by kid-ethic.


1.dead sea part i: dead calm and zero degrees / hot streets / june gloom / riptide / night city / the heart of high places / chase manhattan
2.dead sea part ii: we fought for america / white water / account of the moon / street value / coral way / sleep wave / televison sky

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