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album: dead calm and zero degrees (lp / digital)


release date:
20 march 2020 (bandcamp)
30 march 2020 (streaming platforms)
mid-april 2020 (vinyl)
29 may 2020 (retail)
format: lp / digital
label: burning witches records

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‘While Open Sea was reminiscent of the work of Jan Hammer, Dead Calm and Zero Degrees tends more towards the work of Jean-Michel Jarre.’

‘What both records have in common is that they are downright strong.’
written in music

‘A very nice and refreshing take on electronic synthesizer music. Outstanding!’
io pages

‘There is an unabashed charm that digs into the emotional core of the listening experience that will actually make you feel something. The majority of the compositions are uplifting, bright and hopeful, something sorely needed for these troubling times.’
4 / 5
chain d.l.k.

‘What Meijer took from them [Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream] is the search for strong melodies and hooklines that can carry the pieces.’
lust for life

‘A great masterpiece and his strongest album to date with a creative but minimal ‘wall of sound’ of synth sounds.’
black magazin

‘Hunter Complex has written some beautiful, rich and textured melodies for this album that move from bright uplift to more shadowed darkness and encompass feelings of loneliness, melancholy, gentleness and warmth.’
karl magi / spinditty

‘Synthpop with a hint of electro, new wave, disco, ambient and krautrock, but always with a full and saturated sound.’
gonzo (circus)

‘Hunter Complex surpasses the soundtrack here by somehow injecting this Death Calm and Zero Degrees with an 80s pop feel, somewhere in between synth pop and italo disco without becoming explicit.’
dark entries

‘It is interesting how one technology is associated with nostalgia and the past, while others are not.’

‘Tracks full of swelling layers of warm synthesizer sounds, this time more reminiscent of German synth acts like Roedelius or Tangerine Dream than film music. Nothing wrong with that of course.’

‘The new Hunter Complex record is brilliant.’
louder than war

‘Meyer has found a way to use all kinds of sounds and tropes from the past to come up with something that is 2020 at its core: a post-nostalgic ambient synthpop masterpiece.’

‘To incorporate vintage nineties synthesizers and drum pads, which everyone is happy to have forgotten, into something new and quite flashy. Bold, but also really enjoyable.’

‘I personally don’t see this leaving my list of top 5 albums of 2020.’
9 / 10
forever synth

‘It is human and it is mechanic; who said synths have no warmth (oh right, that’s what they said in the 80s). Another great record.’
vital weekly

‘A tad dark, hyper melancholic and above all super entertaining composed.’

‘It is the very best Hunter Compex album yet!’

‘Magic with a capital M.’
Album of the Week!

‘The latest album [on Burning Witches Records] is Hunter Complex’s tour de force, Dead Calm and Zero Degrees (heard below) and you should definitely buy it.’

‘A museum-worthy piece.’
8,7 / 10
complex distractions

‘Hunter Complex has constructed ten miniature, musical dreams.’


The new Hunter Complex album Dead Calm and Zero Degrees was released on 20 March 2020 on the British label Burning Witches Records. Dead Calm and Zero Degrees is the follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed album Open Sea. The surreal artwork was created by kid-ethic; the LP was mastered by James Plotkin and cut at the world renowned Abbey Road Studios. ‘Dead Calm and Zero Degrees is a refreshing blast of epic open space and industrial mechanics. Expertly crafted by Hunter Complex into a very fulfilling partner to last years Open Sea’, say Darren Page and Gary Dimes of Burning Witches Records.

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album: heat (lp / digital)

hunter complex - heat frontrelease date: september 6 2013
format: lp / digital
label: narrominded


Heat is the new LP from Holland’s Hunter Complex, a record that looks to balance a functional (and very Dutch) ‘utility pop’ with a whole host of disturbing hints and suggestions. It’s a slightly unnerving listen, despite its attractive and powerful sweeps of melody. Recorded between 2010 and 2012, Heat manages – often very successfully – to persuade the listener that they’re tuning into a strange mix of Moroder’s film scores and ‘81-‘82 era Simple Minds. Digital synths, like the Roland D-50 and Yamaha DX7, give everything a suitably ‘period feel’. And the keys on Space are straight off Sons and Fascination, for example. Severed Heads covering China Crisis? Chris and Cosey making symphonic advert music in downtown LA? We can but dream.

But enough comparisons. Despite the LP wearing its sources of inspiration on its sleeve, and despite the fact that our descriptive narratives have (inevitably) to follow suit, it’s a seductive listen. Queasy, paranoid synth washes, rich, gloopy bass tones and weighty electronic stabs of rhythm drive the music on. The record’s got a feel of Stalker about it; cinematic, a taste of future-past served up on a plastic plate. Joep van Lieshout’s vision for communal living maybe, or a future that’s just out of reach, probably because it never escaped being imaginary.

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album: hunter complex (cd / digital)

hunter complex - hunter complex outside frontrelease date: february 2 2010
format: cd / digital
label: narrominded


Hunter Complex is the moniker of Lars Meijer. On his self titled debut album he moves from synthpop to electro and from italo to new wave. Just like the European electronic acts The Tough Alliance, Neon Neon, JJ, M83 and Delorean, there’s an imperative reference to the eighties in the music of Hunter Complex. Not only in the sound, but especially because of that intangible feeling. Meijer: ‘It’s a feeling that switches between whimsicality and melancholy. You can see that for example in Miami Vice – true television of the eighties: subtropical beaches, flamingos, but also nocturnal streets full of muggy evil.’

Around the turn of the century, under the name Larz, he created two lo-fi pop albums that reached a cult-status internationally. ‘Call Larz another bedroom genius – which he is, but he’s got that extra bit of special something about him’, Allmusic.com said at the time. In the years after his Larz albums Meijer broadened himself in experimental electronic music with the groups Psychon and Living Ornaments. With the last act his also released music on the legendary Skam label. Meijer: ‘After these experiments I thought it was time for pop music again. I’ve been walking around with the idea of this record full of synthpop songs for a long time, but in the last ten years I’ve finally learned how to actually produce it.’

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