compilation: apneu – mixed feelings (tape / digital)

apneu-mixed-feelingsrelease date: may 3 2016
format: tape / digital
label: subroutine records


Hard Feelings remix album by Dutch band Apneu. Includes White Castle (Remix by Hunter Complex).


1. three cool chicks (remix by apneu)
2. on ice (remix by nelson mandelvis)
3. number one (remix by garçon taupe)
4. hard feelings (cover by plastic surgery icon)
5. walkie stalkie (cover by [v])
6. downosaur (remix by coen oscar polack)
7. white castle (remix by hunter complex)
8. undercover cop confusion (cover by treasure of grundo)
9. xd (cover by spoelstra)
10. shopping spree (remix by katadreuffe)
11. battery island (cover by frankenberries)

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