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terrible music review: hunter complex

hunter complex - hunter complex outside frontI am a big fan of Dutch popmusic and especially of new Dutch artists that are capable to produce some interesting and daring tunes in the fields of electronic music and experimental popmusic. Not because I am nationalistic or anything but partly as a reaction against the indifference of many Dutch people for their own history and culture. It is important to support local culture as simply it makes life nicer and better in the little world you live in.

Hunter Complex is the relatively new project by the Narrominded label boss. Narrominded have been working on promoting and putting out good new (Dutch) music since 2000. First with cd-r releases and later on vinyl and cd. The sounds range from elektro to experimental electronics and also some guitar stuff is in their catalogue.

Synthpop is the word when it comes to Hunter Complex. I must admit I did not get it when I first played this record. But it really grew on me with each play. Still I think the record would have been stronger when it would be trimmed from twelve to nine tracks or something. But in general this debut album is a masterpiece of contemporary synthpop.

The word pop should be written here in capitals. The production is quite thick in a Pet Shop Boys sort of way. Perfectly fitting the clear electronic beats and warm synthesizer melodies. What really makes this music so outstanding is that you hear classic 1980’s synthpop elements but still all sounds very fresh. The arrangements and rhythms are all but 1980’s I think. Also quite some unexpected elements pop up from time to time, like suprising hooks and twists in the song structure or a guitar part being added for a moment.

One of the highlights is Moonset with its steady beat and typical claps but also adding to that some almost ambient like synth lines and strings. Also Exit is really good with its loungy and laidback feeling and spacious synth lines.

If you are into classic synthpop and into some light summer tunes check out this release for sure. And for the well informed… this is probably more Anna Logue records stuff as Enfant Terrible material. But still… watch out for a new excellent track by Hunter Complex coming soon on the new Enfant Terrible compilation!


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