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norman records review: heat

hunter complex - heat front9 / 10

All you ‘80s synth fans will be into this one. Hunter Complex is Lars Meijer, and here he’s making some euphoric ‘80s pop with prominent Yamaha DX7 and Roland D-50 tones which make it sound totally Airwolf, but with the sun-bleached soundtracky heat haze of Inner Tube or a stoned, smudged take on Egyptology. The mixture of analogue and digital synths is well judged and as a child of the ‘80s myself so many of the sounds on here are triggering some serious childhood nostalgia.

If Palm /|\ Highway Chase makes music for car chases, this is music for standing on top of buildings and gazing intensely over the skyline after saving the city from certain destruction. There’s a blurry, layered nostalgic euphoria to many of the tracks with a distant intangible quality which, if you’re like me, will keep you coming back for repeated listens to try and get a grasp on it. This is really excellent.


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norman records review: hunter complex

hunter complex - hunter complex outside frontNow if you’re interested in some quality synth pop then look no further… This is the nom de plume of Lars Meijer who has also recorded as Larz and also with Psychon and Living Ornaments who had a track on the old Skam Cats CD. I gotta hand it to him, he does a stellar job on the synthesizers, obviously referencing many 80’s influences but still with his own angle. Lars keeps the spirit of classic synth pop alive with a healthy balance of glitz and darker more melancholy passages. Lots of classy synth sounds and vibrant ideas all nicely articulated.


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