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hunter complex - hunter complex outside frontFollowing Here Is the Night a taster CD single with various remixes, here is the full length by Hunter Complex, also known as Lars Meijer, also known as the boss behind Narrominded Records. That was a mighty fine taster indeed, and it made me very curious about the full length. A spoiler then: it’s great, perhaps exactly what I hoped for. Synthpop, electropop. I made the connection to the releases on Suction Records, yet Hunter Complex takes matters a bit further. Vocals play an important role in this music. Those vocals reminded me a band from the 80s, early 90s who made similar electronic popmusic, Tranquil Eyes (I am sure not many people remember them). Uptempo pieces that are sweet, funny, poppy but also a bit dark. Think Depeche Mode in their early 80s work, Soft Cell, OMD, even New Order (a particular favorite here), Human League and lots of more obscure electro bands, like the aforementioned Tranquil Eyes. This is an excellent release – very retro in approach, but this is the kind of music which never seems to age. It still sounds as fresh as it was then. But then, perhaps I am not the right person to ask for a subjective view on matters like this: I have always been a sucker for great synth pop. It’s of course a fine line between all things pop, and perhaps all things unVital. Hunter Complex may not be real Vital material, but loved out of personal taste for such music.

Frans de Waard

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One thought on “vital weekly review: hunter complex

  1. Hello Frans,

    Nice of you to mention Tranquil Eyes.
    Just this week I’ve finally picked up the pieces and have slowly started filling in all the details on Last.FM, that is on Tranquil Eyes, Frozen Ducks, Cheiron etc. Since I’m restoring lots of material that sounds like crap on tape- releases.There must be something in the air ?
    Anyway, all the best from,

    Lex Grauwen

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