vital weekly review: here is the night ep

hunter complex - here is the night ep outside frontLars Meijer is the active man behind the Narrominded label, but also as a musician with Living Ornaments and Psychon. He also recorded solo music, which I didn’t know, as Hunter Complex. Early 2010 he will release his debut album Hunter Complex and stir up interest he now releases a CDEP Here Is The Night, along with remixes by Garcon Taupe, Spoelstra, Coen Oscar Polack and an extended instrumental piece. He started doing his solo music a long time, behind a piano and recording them onto a four track, until he reached the limitations of those methods. Now he sings again, uses analogue synthesizers and no doubt uses the computer to record it on. Its no longer Larz (as such he recorded two lo-fi pop albums) but Hunter Complex. His piece here is an uptempo electro piece, with influences of italo music and electro-pop. It could as well have been on any ‘Snow Robots’ compilations from Suction Records (whatever happened there, I wonder?). A great piece. In the three remixes, each of the remixer takes one or two sounds that they like and expand on that. Distinctly more ‘dance’ oriented tracks at work here, with a stomping version by Spoelstra. Polack’s version is the morning after chill out remix. Meijer’s own Fashion Street is a laidback jazzy tune with a leading part for saxophone, and may seem a bit out of place but it made me altogether very anxious to hear his album. His two pieces are different from eachother, but could make a great album.

Frans de Waard

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