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hunter complex - hunter complex outside frontBased and operating from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Hunter Complex is a rather new project set up by Lars Meijer. This musician was previously involved in different projects like Larz, Psychon and Living Ornaments. I have to admit that none of these projects sound familiar, but it for sure reveals some experience gained by the artist. After having released an EP at the end of 2009 we here get the official debut-CD of Hunter Complex. The album was announced as strongly inspired by the 80s and the first songs only, but confirm a strong link with the golden decade of electronics. Telex and Human League are just two of the bands that immediately come into mind after having heard Wait, Here Is the Night and Dance. The songs aren’t bad at all and will for sure bring some good-old memories to mind (especially for the oldest electro-lovers), but globally speaking it sometimes sounds a bit too sweet and soft. I don’t mean it as a criticism, but on the long run Hunter Complex starts to stagnate in a gentle and polished 80s minded composition. The possible link with the aforementioned famous bands is for sure a reference, but the work of Hunter Complex never emulates their level or their fame. A few more songs like Moonset (with a real nice rhythm box) and Mean Street (which sounds like synthesizer music for stars) are quite nice, but never reach a real climax. That’s for sure what I’m missing here! It doesn’t take away that this is the kind of record that might please the 80s die-hard freaks!



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