peek-a-boo magazine review: hours

hunter complex-hoursPeople who are familiar with the Dutch label Narrominded probably will agree that Hunter Complex, the project from Lars Meijer is the most radio friendly artist in their catalogue. Not that they play it on the radio, but it could be.

Hours is the second single that is taken from the Heat-album and you’ll find, apart from the title track, two mixes from both Drvg Cvltvre and The No.

It’s hard to pin down the style but I think that you can say that Hours sound like a minimal version from a Miami Vice added with a touch of early Clan Of Xymox. Yeah, I know…talking about strange combinations!

But seeing that this single has been made with the heavenly Yamaha DX7 makes me feel that I’m right! And before you start laughing, Miami Vice is the coolest thing I can think of.

Didier Becu

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