mix: mixcloud monday (mix for gonzo (circus) – july 15 2014)

00:00 John Carpenter – Assault on Precinct 13 (Assault on Precinct 13, Death Waltz)
01:51 Fabio Frizzi – Sequence 2 (Zombi 2, Death Waltz)
04:57 John Carpenter – Robots at the Factory (Halloween III, Death Waltz)
06:53 John Harrison – Walk to the Ritz (Day of the Dead, Waxwork)
08:18 John Carpenter – Transient Hotel (They Live, Death Waltz)
10:01 John Harrison – Dex and Mike Move the Crate (Creepshow, Waxwork)
11:38 Steve Moore – Drive-In (Horror Business, Death Waltz)
12:27 Rob – Haunted (Alternate Version) (Maniac, Death Waltz)
14:18 Power Glove – Moment of Calm (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Invada)
17:41 Cliff Martinez – Wear Your Seat Belt (Solaris, Invada)
20:40 John Carpenter – Seagrass Attack (The Fog, Death Waltz)
24:27 Don Peake – M1-2 (The Hills Have Eyes, One Way Static)
25:18 Ralph Jones – Uninvited Guest (The Slumber Party Massacre, Death Waltz)
29:44 Susan Justin – Titles (Forbidden World, Death Waltz)
32:27 David Alexander Hess – Now You’re All Alone (The Last House on the Left, One Way Static)
34:21 Roberto Donati – Into the Bush (Eaten Alive!, Stella)
36:18 Roberto Donati – Killing Two Parrots (Cannibal Ferox, One Way Static)
37:36 Stelvio Cipriani – Rites Percussion Theme (The Great Alligator, Stella)
40:08 Walter Rizzati – Bronx Suspense (1990: The Bronx Warriors, Death Waltz)
43:26 Fabio Frizzi – Verso L’Alba (City of the Living Dead, Stella)
45:12 Francesco Di Masi – Waiting for the Killer (The New York Ripper, Death Waltz)
47:51 Kenny Graham – Soho at Dawn (The Small World of Sammy Lee, Trunk)
50:28 Nicola Piovani – Minsy (The Perfume of the Lady in Black, Death Waltz)
53:51 Joe Delia – Piano Choice (Ms. 45, Death Waltz)
55:38 Charles Gross – Tad 6 (Blue Sunshine, Mondo)
58:03 Eugenio Mira – Bandaged (Timecrimes, Mondo)

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