norman records review: heat

hunter complex - heat front9 / 10

All you ‘80s synth fans will be into this one. Hunter Complex is Lars Meijer, and here he’s making some euphoric ‘80s pop with prominent Yamaha DX7 and Roland D-50 tones which make it sound totally Airwolf, but with the sun-bleached soundtracky heat haze of Inner Tube or a stoned, smudged take on Egyptology. The mixture of analogue and digital synths is well judged and as a child of the ‘80s myself so many of the sounds on here are triggering some serious childhood nostalgia.

If Palm /|\ Highway Chase makes music for car chases, this is music for standing on top of buildings and gazing intensely over the skyline after saving the city from certain destruction. There’s a blurry, layered nostalgic euphoria to many of the tracks with a distant intangible quality which, if you’re like me, will keep you coming back for repeated listens to try and get a grasp on it. This is really excellent.


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