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beats & beyond review: hunter complex

hunter complex - hunter complex outside frontHunter Complex, aka Dutch artist Lars Meijer, releases his debut album on his own Narrominded imprint, a label we’ve grown to love because of its leftfield and adventurous releases. Hunter Complex: retrofuturism never sounded so fresh.

Fact is that today’s music industry is constantly overrun by musical nitwits trying to ‘revive’ the 80s with horrific rip-offs and downright annoying shenanigans (Lady! Gaga! Argh!), but fear not! Hunter Complex’ debut album is a completely different kettle of fish. The 12 tracks on this album all pay homage to the 80s era in their very own way without a single bit of cheesiness to be heard. Roughly, the album’s sound can be described as glam pop Miami Vice-style, with strong references to electroclash and electrofunk, which results in a very adventurous trip down nostalgia lane. Take Cross for instance, one of the many highlights on this album. The tune opens with theatrical synths but soon emerges into a funky Italo/space disco tune, while Moonset embarks on a much darker and sinister trip with throbbing bass and a spacey cosmic vibe. Synth pop junkies will love Turn for its mesmerizing synthesizer work, while fans of bands such as Depeche Mode and The Cure will go ape on the experimental Kerosine.

Buy because: you’re a sucker for that typical 80s sound, whilst not holding back on your love for Italo and electro either.
Don’t because: the only reason we can think of that your dad might pop up and start reminiscing about ‘those good ol’ days…’

Rating: 8.5