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hunter complex - heat front85 / 100

The second album for Lars Meijer’s solo project, he now investigates 80’s soundtracks. With his first album he distilled synthpop from bands like Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode and Level 42, now the artwork tells you a lot about his influences. Stills from movies like They Live, Capricorn One, Prince Of Darkness and others suggest a soundtrack fitting for series like Airwolf, Miami Vice and McGyver. And apart from the few songs where he sings, it is exactly that.

At first I did not think much of it, I’m not waiting for a visit into Jan Hammer’s mind… But there’s more to this album, if you are patient enough, you can peel away those layers of amateur synth bliss and discover some truly honest and profound emotions. Daylight is the most rewarding song, I love the scant specks of guitar, it gives it a whole new dimension. After that you can lay back in your Cadillac and glide through the landscape that’s vibrating with heat (Highway Hypnosis).

Sure it’s crummy and naive, as well as completely superfluous. So why is it I like this album? Well I guess Lars is just an honest guy with lots of love for this kind of music and that love seeps through the seams of kitsch… And didn’t we all love Mickey Rourke, David Hasselhoff and Tom Selleck? A good one!

Oh yeah, don’t doubt for too long, it’s available since september and only 100 copies each in transparent or black vinyl… And if you want to see him live, 7 december he plays @ Kinkystar in Gent!

Chris Konings

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