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hunter complex - hunter complex outside frontRating: 8.5 out of 10.0

Hunter Complex is the moniker under which Dutchman Lars Meijer has been making music for the past few years. His music has strong references to the eighties when Italo disco, synthpop and new wave ruled the airwaves. Although a bit more electro based, Hunter Complex can be described as a mix between 80s icons such as Neon Neon and a diet version of The Human League, while also incorporating Kraftwerkian and M83 elements. Retrofuturistic so to say…

The Hunter Complex album contains 12 tracks jam packed with analogue drums, vintage synthesizers and unmistakably 80s song patterns. Opening track Wait kick starts the album with a booming electro rhythm, vocoded vox and glorious 80s synthesizers, immediately establishing a retro vibe bursting with quality. The dreamy Dance balances on the brink of electro, electroclash and electrofunk, while tunes such as Cross and especially Moonset are remarked by a more playful and energetic approach. Diversity within a specific sound is what defines this album best. Hunter Complex manages to create 12 unique songs that are made up using retro elements, but still manage to sound incredibly fresh, crisp and balanced. Take Turn for instance. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if I was watching an episode of Miami Vice and hear this one during a chase between Crockett, Tubbs, and a bunch of Colombian moustache-rocking baddies. No sir.

I can be fairly short on this one: This album is an essential item for 80s fanatics, retro junkies, electro heads and synthpop rockers alike. Each song features a magnificent and well balanced structure that finds it origin somewhere in the area between dance and pop, with the vocals adding a certain pop element to the overall in a Kraftwerk kind of way. Recommended!

Youri Jozee

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