lyrics: heat

hunter complex - heat frontheat

come on out into the open
and feel the heat

when you want to
I’ll be there
when you need to
I’ll be near

serious glass

looking back on Wednesday

you can waste a war
when the deal is long


I’m gonna take you there
to a new age


wear something special
wear something nice
’cause this might be over
but not for tonight

look in the mirror
look at the stars
they probably won’t be there
at least for tonight



highway hypnosis

call again
it’s hearsay

so come on

come down in your skin

china rain

something always comes across as
but that’s one hesitated

I don’t want you
to be alone
I’m right here waiting

we don’t need you
China rain
we’re tired of waiting

when I’m famous
throught the wire
of newtons
I’m gone


looking outside in your own two hands
leave the pictures
they aren’t home for ten

come on over to my house on Sunday


calling all stations
with something you might know
leaving no traces
like water in oceans

looking for a way to nowhere
broad daylight
the sun is shining
broad daylight

calling all stations
with hope before darkness
too late for the night life
the cooler thin air blows

look what you did
don’t be afraid to let it live

come right here
it won’t be over


welcome to the hours
let us find another thrill
’cause when you’re not around me
I just don’t know what to feel

looking for some action
in a city full of gold
they don’t have a curfew
they are bought and they are sold

so let’s go into the heartlands
where the sun shines
in the hours

welcome to the hours
in a city so unreal
we’re in the heat of midnight
but I don’t know what to feel

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