vital weekly review: hours

hunter complex-hoursObviously we don’t review digital releases, but this landed as a CDR on my desk, and I started writing, before realizing this. Now, perhaps, this has to do with the fact that I quite enjoy the music of Hunter Complex, of Narromind Mastermind Lars Meijer. This is the second single of his LP Heat – I didn’t realize people still release singles from LPs as that sounds like something from my childhood – but Hours is a great piece of 80s inspired pop music (check also my review of the LP in Vital Weekly 896). The No does a remix of Serious Glass and make it sound also very 80s, but in a more dark wave styled guise, with a voice that sounds like from beyond the grave. Nice. Drvg Cvltvre is Vincent Koremans (RA-X might be know still!) with a long ambient w/rhythm inspired piece called Highway Hypnosis and sounds like Tangerine Dream on ecstasy, especially when the rhythm kicks in after some time. Be careful driving cars while listening to this music. Now, in a just and right world, this would have been a great 12″. Where did the 80s go? I do miss them.


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