outlands review: hunter complex

hunter complex - hunter complex outside frontHunter Complex is the new moniker of Lars Meijer, who runs the label Narrominded and is also involved with few other musical acts: Larz, Psychon/Psychon Troopers, with a more ambient/atmospheric/improvised kind of sound and Living Ornaments, who had an amazing album, Korrels, the previous year, with a more melodic/rhythmic/idm kind of sound, but also with elements of experiment. But Hunter Complex is totally different! The album was announced with the wonderful EP Here Is The Night, where besides the original version of the title song and the extended instrumental version of the song Fashion Street (from the album), there are 3 interesting remixes of Here Is The Night, by Garcon Taupe, Spoelstra and Coen Oscar Polack, of which specially interesting are the crazy version of Garcon Taupe and the ambiental version of Coen Oscar Polack. The self-titled album is a story of it’s own. Stilistically it ranges from synthpop/new wave to electro, with elements of italo disco, all woven well in the music. Retro-futurism, focusing on the past and on the future at the same time. Some of the songs are a real uncanny candies, like Wait, Cross, Fashion Street and Chinese Restaurants… I’ve always considered the synth-pop as the lonelier kind of music. Or music that grows with time! Fine album!

Boban Ristevski

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