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dead calm and zero degrees: 2nd place best album of 2020 by forever synth


The hugely unorthodox and cinematic ‘Dead Calm and Zero Degrees’ by Hunter Complex takes 2nd place in our ‘Best Album’ of 2020 category.

Lars has a habit of making music that sounds like synthwave but we’re not entirely sure that’s his aim. There’s nothing 80s-sounding about this release but perhaps that’s why we like it so much…it truly stands aside from conventional synthwave.

There’s something truly beautiful in the serenity, calmness and pure tranquility of the tracks on this album & they’ll send you a world away from the harsh reality of what we’ve all been through in 2020.

TIP: If you’re a surfer or beach-goer, pick a sunny day with a decent swell and have the track ‘Riptide’ blaring through your headphones. You’ll thank us later!

Truly great work dude on this album dude! 👊

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ep: rain in europe (digital)


release date:
1 may 2020 (bandcamp)
5 june 2020 (streaming platforms)
format: digital
label: burning witches records

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‘The pieces originate from the same sessions as Dead Calm and Zero Degrees, but look a little more towards the genre edges within electronic music.’
io pages

‘Hunter Complex is able to write tunes that can get into one’s head. I found myself singing the melodies after a while.’
karl magi / hubpages

‘If you think synth pop and synthwave never sounded better than on that old VHS tape, then you are in for an absolute treat.’

‘It’s an epic run, and one I won’t soon forget.’
complex distractions


Rain in Europe is the digital companion EP to the recent full length Hunter Complex album Dead Calm and Zero Degrees. It will be released on streaming servcies on 5 June 2020. Rain in Europe was recorded in the same time period as Dead Calm and Zero Degrees, out now on Burning Witches Records, and its predecessor Open Sea, released on Death Waltz Originals in 2019. The amazing artwork was created by KidEthic and the EP was mastered by BurningTapes.


1.street value
2.when i was in africa
3.coral way
4.sleep wave
5.television sky

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