compilation: mad wasp radio presents looking through the magic window (digital)

release date: 5 february 2021
format: digital
label: music is the devil


The Sea Without An Edge, by Hunter Complex, has some lovely layers of synth patches that create another worldly, ethereal ambience.’

‘A predictably glorious slab of weepy, widescreen electronica (…) his music always delivers.’
richard james foster


38 choice cuts of magical electronica from some of the most exciting talents on the scene.

The tracks represent what is played on the Magic Window radio show that airs on Mad Wasp Radio and is presented by Letters From Mouse.

The artists were all invited to contribute to the album which is being released in partnership with Music Is The Devil who are great friends to the show.

Mad Wasp Radio is an independent radio station with a wide range of shows for every musical taste. The station do not play adverts so rely on listener donations to operate. Operating a radio station that is full licensed is an expensive business so all money from sales of this album will go directly to the station. This is a thank you for giving independent artists and labels a platform to reach more listeners.

A huge thank you to the artists for getting involved and producing some amazing music, this is a stunning collection which we hope people will enjoy.

Thank you to James and the Music Is The Devil crew for partnering on this project, their support of the show and the station and for being a super cool label.


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dead calm and zero degrees: 2nd place best album of 2020 by forever synth


The hugely unorthodox and cinematic ‘Dead Calm and Zero Degrees’ by Hunter Complex takes 2nd place in our ‘Best Album’ of 2020 category.

Lars has a habit of making music that sounds like synthwave but we’re not entirely sure that’s his aim. There’s nothing 80s-sounding about this release but perhaps that’s why we like it so much…it truly stands aside from conventional synthwave.

There’s something truly beautiful in the serenity, calmness and pure tranquility of the tracks on this album & they’ll send you a world away from the harsh reality of what we’ve all been through in 2020.

TIP: If you’re a surfer or beach-goer, pick a sunny day with a decent swell and have the track ‘Riptide’ blaring through your headphones. You’ll thank us later!

Truly great work dude on this album dude! 👊

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