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playlist: hunter complex – electronic works 1991 – 2009

playlist: hunter complex - electronic works 1991 - 2009In 2018 I will finally release new music as Hunter Complex. I’m very excited about that! The LP Open Sea will be out first, on Death Waltz Originals, and I’m currently mixing the follow-up album Dead Calm and Zero Degrees.

But first a look back! All the music I made before I started Hunter Complex is now available online. The lo-fi tape experiments as Larz, the psychedelic studio improvisations by Psychon Troopers and the electronic adventures with Living Ornaments. Check out the playlist Electronic Works 1991 – 2009, a 34-track selection, on Spotify. Enjoy!

compilation: dj food – death waltz originals (cd)


release date: october 2017
format: cd
label: death waltz originals


New and exclusive Hunter Complex track The Quiet on Death Waltz Originals mix cd, mixed by the legendary DJ Food. Ships with every Death Waltz / Mondo order, at with the excellent new Death Waltz T-shirt designed by We Buy Your Kids and available at all good record stores.

‘We also have an amazing hour-long mix CD of Death Waltz Originals titles by the incredible DJ Food that we will be sending out FREE with all music orders, from now until the stock runs out. We are also sending copies to our favorite record stores, too, if you prefer to purchase your vinyl in local stores.’
Mondo Music Weekly (October 23 2017)


Track starts at 23:38:

compilation: apneu – mixed feelings (tape / digital)

apneu-mixed-feelingsrelease date: may 3 2016
format: tape / digital
label: subroutine records


Hard Feelings remix album by Dutch band Apneu. Includes White Castle (Remix by Hunter Complex).

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single: limelight (digital)

hunter-complex-limelightrelease date: may 11 2015
format: digital
label: narrominded


Limelight is the brand new single from Dutch synth wizard Hunter Complex. It arrives a year and a half after his critically acclaimed second album Heat. Two tracks from Heat have been remixed by Dutch bands Treasure of Grundo and Katadreuffe and are included here as digital b-sides to this brand new track.

The non-album track Limelight was recorded in the wake of the Heat album release. The track feels like a trip through a desolate and remote area. Starting off on the highway, taking exits to inaccessible dirt roads, before getting back on the highway, feeling confused and alienated. Hunter Complex is currently working on his third studio album, which will be – opposed to his first two albums – completely instrumental. It will dive deeper in the world of digital synths, soundtracks and ethereal atmospheres.

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